Eric entering the witch

Ok.  Today is Wednesday, which you all know is the start of my posting week.  Faeregina went and hit Publish on the new chapter at midnight.  I let the ladies know on Facebook that a favorite was posting a new chapter at midnight.

Then, I fell asleep.  I have been pushing myself for weeks, and today my body rebelled and I slept until my hubby called me on the way home, at 2:41.  I got 11 hours of sleep.  So, I’m behind on my updating, but I really needed the sleep.

I also had the ED muse grab me and take me on a ride.  We are set for at least a month or two!! But, that means I am scrambling to update everything.

All the stories are being sent to the betas this week.  Be patient, you will get an update.

I also updated ALL of ITE with the buttons made especially for it by MissRon80.  Thanks!!

So enjoy!! I will be posting as updates come! Oh yeah, there is a plan.  Nothing happens for nothing in ITE.  Just remember that…. PLEASE???