Cain 3

Yep, MissRissa81 has completed the last posted chapter of Tin Man.  From here on out, she will be working on the new stuff.

We even came up with a theme for the story, and this is for the 1st chapters of the story.  I am trying to get them to be more fun and indicative of the stories so when they are in the Most clicked Posts & Pages, if will make more sense.

Also, I cleaned up the Blogs I am following.  They are all writers (Well except for two, but I REALLY enjoy their posts.)  I am thinking of switching it to words, since Texanlady is there, but only shows up as a name.

I pulled up You’re to work on, and instead of doing the edit, I am writing.  I will get it out as soon as the muse leaves, but since I have not wrote a new chapter on this in months, I am not letting the muse leave.  I am working on the new plan, it just takes a little bit since my muses REALLY want to write!

Enjoy the chapter!


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