Yep you heard me.  A new chapter of The Best is Yet to Come.  Not only did Sharon gift me with the chapter, but with the new Banner too! Click on it to get to the story.

This chapter is Emma heavy.  Sharon and I are hitting our stride on how to do this.  So, expect some adjustments coming.  I write the body, and I am to concentrate on Killian.  Since I seem to channel him.  Sharon gets Emma and she is in charge of her.  So basically.  I write the episode since I have the iTunes and the nifty Dialogue thingie.  I write all those details then gave it to her.  The problem, is before this was mostly Killian’s POV.  Now Emma is here and we noticed that it is Emma heavy right now, but still.  So once she is done with her part, I will take it back and see if Killian needs more work.

This time we left as is, since Emma deserves some input and a chapter on how she is feeling.  Not that Killian has nothing to say.

Enjoy.  I am cleaning during the day, so I will probably not updating anything until later when I will be thrilled to have sit down time.  What if and Revelations remain.  I will probably do revelations since if I feel like writing some more on What If, nobody is going to mind right?

Also a tidbit.  The stories will be getting top pictures from here on out.  Guess who the theme is for OuAt?


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