Allan Hyde 17

Yep it is that time again, Chapters are being edited, and sent to Betas. Click the pic for the new chapter. (Yes, I am missing my Godric Pics!)

So this week is Mother’s day, so Happy Mother’s day to all of you!!!

Also.  I have been complaining to my Beta’s saying I hardly got to write, and they were upset since the In The End Muse came out to play.  So we came up with a plan.  Updates may be a little late this week, however, I am editing more than one chapter at a time.  Then the Betas will be able to work on them.  This way when the muses hit, I can write to my heart’s content.  The chapters will still be coming out one a week on a story.  But this will be easier on all of us.  There is an exception to this, You’re will be updated once a week, until we get past what is on here.  Then it will be queued up like the rest…

Also, last week I told you I have buttons to be added to stories, it is what delayed this chapter coming out, I went back through the entire story and added the buttons, added the theme pictures as the featured image and stuff like that.  Cleaning up as a Site, story by story.  There is only me doing this part, so, please be patient.  I can do only so much.

Now to see if a muse wants to play or move to the next story…