Banner ED

Yep there is a new chapter of ED that Meridian has worked hard to get out while I was sleeping.  For those who follow my group in Facebook, you got the announcement at 5:30 CST this morning that she finished the chapter.

Thanks to MissRon80, we now have a banner!! She gifted it to me.  Isn’t she awesome???

I was up earlier, but since in a drug haze and ended up going back to sleep to get up for good later.  I am up and working on getting this chapter out for me to work on You’re.  But I may need to clean my room first.  Morgan is making is all dusty and she is trying to give me fits with Connor.  The two of them wound up is not productive to working.  Cleaning sometimes makes them all disappear.  LMAO!

Enjoy this chapter.  2 down and 7 more to go.  Though I will try to write another chapter with You’re.