75K Banner

Yep a new chapter of Revelations is ready for you guys.  Click the image above for the update.

But first we have some thanking to do also!! Yes, we reached that goal for over 75,000 views of this modest little site!!!  In honor of that, our very own MissRon80 made me the above Banner!! Thanks!!!!

We also got the most hits in a day yesterday, 1,993!  Now my new goal, 2K!!! Always strive.

Then I got more presents!!! Sephrenia1 made me buttons!!! This is the first chapter that has them in it.  And I love the buttons, so much easier to link!!

I am off to find out what has been going on then to get the final chapter of the current arc of In The End ready and then try to work on some new chapters!

Thanks!!  And Enjoy!