Jasper 2

Yes, along with all the updates I have given you today, you also have a new story! Twilight And a Jasper and Bella Fic.  This one I am going to try to write without censoring myself.  Warning!!!  Click the picture to be taken to the Title Page.  There you will find the link to the first chapter, along with the Song list and Character List.

Description: Blood is spilled, and instead of James losing his life, a mate is found and the world is in a world of hurt.  The God of War is about to give lessons on why leaving him and his alone is a good idea.

Rated M for a reason folks. This will be heavily edited for FanFiction.net and the only uncensored version will be here.

This is called When I Pretend.  It was in that Possible stories for the future.  And the most voted on to be continued.  When thewriteashley came onboard, well Twilighted Tea Shoppe is really another eye to make sure I made the changes it needed to fit in the Twilight world.  In the Beta chatroom a begging came about to have her do When I Pretend.  She read it.. and waffled… and chose it.  I then asked if she wants, she could have Twilighted Tea Shoppe.  She said yes.  And it began…

So… In The End is updated, along with: Tin Man, ED, You’re Twilighted Tea Shoppe.  Revelations is tomorrow.  Tea Shoppe is with the Beta.  Once is getting ready to be published here soon, What If needs to be finished.  That’s ALL of them folks.  Seriously.  10 fics and most of them updated this past week.  (today a lot of them!)  So forgive me when I say, after tomorrow, I will be lost in a writing haze.  Yes actually writing new stuff!!!

Enjoy the new Story!