This one is Inuyasha.  And it just won’t shut up!!  Per the instructions of my Beta’s, I sat down and wrote it.  Also ALL PICS ARE NOT MINE!! Look on the pics for the fantastic people who made them!!

Quite frankly I am nervous as heck!! This is a huge fandom that I am writing in.  And yes, I am posting this on FanFiction and Dokuga to see what the outlook is.

I need a Beta who knows the basics at least.  Please!! This is not going to stick to canon, but I need someone who knows who Sesshomaru is!

Let me know what you think, and yes I know it is heavy with Fandom information.  I have a link on the title page for those who are wondering.  This fandom is done, the story is done.  So, it is the truth of FanFiction that not only has it continued, but this particular shipping is so large AFTER it is done and is NOT canon, that it has it’s own site.  Dokuga…

Let me know what you think, this will NOT be updated weekly for awhile.

Wendy <sitting her chewing her nails as she posts>

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