Yep, it is up, the one that most people have been waiting patiently for.

It is those people you need to thank.  I know it has been an eagerly awaited chapter.  And because it is so eagerly awaited, I took my time with it, thinking you guys would want it as close to perfect.

But some people started hounding me Wednesday night for the chapter.  I had looked at the chapter a couple of times, but just couldn’t get into a groove.  Then I got that damned dream and wrote on it hoping to settle my nerves on this chapter.  Still didn’t help.  Finally last night, after feeling like crap for taking a day to myself for the first time in a month, (Yep, no days off, no time really off for a whole month) I finally could get in the swing and sent the chapter to the Beta.  Who worked late in the night to get the chapter out. (now say Thank you Meridian for your sacrifice of Betaing a chapter for free of an author who gets no money and often no reviews for writing this unless to say Update Soon!)

I was going to take today off, since I was so aggravated not to appreciate it yesterday, and spend it with my hubby, but I had another request for the chapter. And neither him nor my pets or the rest of my family and the Betas who support me deserve to hear another day of my ranting.

Here it is.  Just next time you are eager for a chapter, maybe think that the author may be feeling sick.  Or that maybe their muse kicked in and are writing for another story like she has done for this one.  This one delayed In The End and none of those readers sent anonymous request for the chapters to be updated every day.  And upped it exponentially each and every day since then.  I try to send chapters to my Beta’s each week.  There are 10 other stories waiting on updates.  And including this week, I have met my goal with You’re and ED with an update between Wednesday-Tuesdays. Next time I get a barrage of anonymous reviews asking when I am going to update before the week is out, I will not update.  There is no reason to hound me.