Yep this is the chapter of the Cullen house…  Which I really found the real house for it.  LOL!

So, I was sick.  And my Betas decided that I could not be online after they found me online editing chapters.  The decision.  Well one of my Betas is writing a Bella/Damon fic I am in love with and threatened to withhold chapters unless I rested.

Yes, I got off.  And yes, my hubby was the one they gave the power to say I was allowed back on or not.  And he abused the power.

So expect your in box to be flooded as I catch up to all my Beta’s hard work.  And in case you are wondering, everyone on Facebook in the group was told by me (when I snuck on) or by the Betas when they finished a chapter and posted.  To rub it in even further, most of the chapters were posted Wednesday.  Just saying. You are more than welcome to join!

Enjoy the chapter and the rest to come!


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