Yep, it’s late.  And it’s my fault since it has been updated for DAYS.  I was unable to update, but my Beta (MissRissa81) and my group made sure the chapter was connected in the group.

Tomorrow is update day.  However.  Here is the thing.  I literally just got home from watching my Nephew.  So… Nothing was done that was not beta’d before.  And no pictures were added to the ones that were.  So tomorrow, will be super busy for me.

Plus, my board, that tells me where every single story is, got messed with and everything is messed up.  So I am trying to figure out what is going on.  ED is done, and I will update tomorrow, and I am sending the current chapter to You’re to the Beta.  After that, well it is up in the air.  In The End (Henceforth known as ITE) is at the beta, and so is Tea Shoppe.  What If is being a pain and not flowing even though I have tried to write on it several times.  But I will also be cleaning and washing clothes and all that fun stuff you do when you spend a long time away from home.  Please be patient!!!

Enjoy the current chapter of Tin Man!


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