Ok, for those that don’t know, I am turning one of my stories into an original story.  But this one bounced into my head, and I am hoping to make it the precursor to the series.  The pic above is of the male playing my Main character.

This will lay the background out, and will sound somewhat familiar.  Just remember, I am turning one of my stories into an Original story, changing the current one to match it.

This being said, I have (finally!) finished the first chapter of the precursor.  This is the ONLY chapter that will be published to the public as of now.  The rest will be under a password.  I am looking for pre-readers and a beta for it.  The beta will need to work with the current group, so there will be an interview process.

If you wish to be a pre-reader, let me know.  I will be happy to have as many as possible, but I will have the rest to be locked up.

Without much further ado, enjoy the first chapter and Let me know what you think.  ALOT of research and time has gone into this.  The names have been a headache by themselves.

Chapter One of my Original Story.