This one was written under the influence on Ambien.  I got woke up by a thunderstorm and my pets trying to crawl into safe places around me.  Morgan was on my head of all places.

I don’t remember much more than that, but I got up today to see a document open on my computer for Brotherhood.

So enjoy, we start the time skips, and yes, I am pulling from my own life as I remember the Steel Plants shutting down.  I’m also giving it a more grownup look also.

Remember, to read the chapters, you have to be a member of my Facebook group, then from their ask Rissa to join the chat for Brotherhood.  You DO need to review, since I am doing the pre-reader thing to get feedback.  And these are all unedited.  I want to get the whole thing out, then will go back to edit them and the other stories to start the publishing thing.

Enjoy for those that get to!


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