Since this is the day so many of us are drinking and setting off Fireworks, I wanted to put up the warning sign!

Also, I have an announcement!!!!

The official Kill Bill Contest will begin!!!!!

The rules:

1. One entry per person

2. Word limit: no more than 10K words (Cause I can’t write a one shot less)

3. Entries to be received by 07/11/2013

4. Does not have to be limited to True Blood / SVM universe. Crossovers allowed

5. This is supposed to be fun!!! Just to keep things light folks.  So be creative, be funny, be unique and so on.  Hopefully there will be enough entries to have multiple entries.

6. All stories will be made available via the Kittyinaz Facebook page in the documents section for a total of 7 days before voting is opened via a poll. The stories will then be moved to WordPress Under the Kill Bill Heading.  (To join, just click here.)

7. To post the entries, You can either post them as a file, or if you can’t do that, Send to  Just realize you are going to be junked, so put the header Kill Bill as the subject so I will not delete you.

8. Have Fun!!!! Cause who wouldn’t want to with this type of contest!

I look forward to seeing the entries.

Happy 4th of July to all of you!! And be careful out there!