Bill Compton

We just finished the Kill Bill Contest Volume One contest over on the Facebook group and the voting ended last night.

MissRon80 won the contest.  Unfortunately, I have no Banner to give her since she IS my banner maker.  LMAO!!!

But I have added the entries into my WordPress site and they are here for you to read. As always, click on Bill to be taken to the page that lists the entries.

As for Volume Two of the contest?  Well, we will see when everyone is up for it.

Also an update for my readers, I am still trying to get Tea Shoppe done.  I know you guys are wanting updates, but when I go to do updates, they will be by story, and frankly I will be rereading the stories to make sure I won’t forget anything before I do massive updates on them.  After I am updating all BUT What If, I will go back and edit them, sending them to the betas with the rule of no more updated than once a week.  Then I will settle down, reread What If and finish that story.

I know this has been longer than anyone has imagined.  But I did NOT expect to get so sick, then Marty getting REALLY sick, not to mention my grandmother and so on.  It really has been an unlucky year for all of us.  So take a deep breathe, read my Beta’s work since I am giving them free time.

As for Brotherhood, that is a whole other story.  I have to finish the rough draft before the end of the year.  Only pre-readers who review, (and yes when I get a chance I will check who all is able to get in and the reviews…) are allowed to read it.  I am working towards publishing it, so I value the input of the readers for when I am done with the rough draft and go back to work on the chapters, seeing what I need to add to them.

So be patient, read the entries for Kill Bill, read my Betas… (Sitalia25, Meridian, Magsmacdonald, Zabby Perno and Thewriteashley) who are listed on the side.  Their names listed under the Beta banner link back to their sites.  And I will be working on my 2nd story and give the readers an ending that they have waited over three years for.  A month or two is not too long for you guys to give them that is it?


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