Yep, another one.  What can I say.  For those of you following me in the chat, you learned that I woke up with the whole story in my head and how it all ties into each other.

So, enjoy the chapter, and remember to review!! It’s the only way to stay a pre-reader.  This is raw, not edited nada.  Writing and posting as I go.  So those pre-reads will be the ones telling me yep love it, or uh oh  I have no idea where you are going with this and you need to back it up now!  Also, when I go back to the chapters to edit, I will reread the reviews for any changes that are noted in grammar and stuff.

I am hoping to watch Alice and Primeval soon to get back the Hatter/David vibe.  I started a chapter, but it just wasn’t flowing from David as well.

Enjoy for those that get to.  Remember, to join the pre-readers, you just need to join my Facebook group, and become a member of the Brotherhood.  We have secret signs and everything… Ok maybe not the secret signs… but you know.