Yep, I wanted to write, and for some reason, the world of my Original Fiction beckoned me.

To be able to read the chapter, you need to be a member of my group on Facebook, and let Rissa know that you want to be a pre-reader.  She will get you into the chat for the password.  The link for the group is in the word Facebook.

Please do remember, to be a pre-reader, you need to leave reviews.  I am looking to publish this with a couple of others that make up this world.  The first chapter is always available for you to read to see if you will like it.

Also, voting has begun for the Energize Awards.  ED is nominated!  Please go and vote, only one vote per computer allowed.  Click Here.

Last thing, Kill Bill contest has been extended.  Too many people wanted to enter and not had a chance to write, so I have extended it.

Enjoy the chapter!


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