Eric and SookieYep you heard me, there is a new chapter of In The End, and it’s a doozy!! Thanks so much to my faithful and freaking awesome Beta.  There would be no ITE without her help now, or even luring me back to writing!

For those that haven’t been paying attention of just haven’t had the time, one of my stories is nominated for an award.  Crossover fiction Every Dark Night is up for voting.  Please vote!  The links is here: WIP Awards.  Click News then look for the link that says Vote here.  If we give the straight link, it kicks people out saying they already voted.  This way lets everyone into vote!

I am working on my original story while I search for David’s voice.  Remember, I am not posting normally, and if the betas get something, they will let me know when I can announce it.  But there is no schedule for me and them.  I have been writing, dealing with a sick hubby and all the fun that goes on in my house.

Once I finish Tea Shoppe, I will write more on the other fics then send them off to be beta’d.  Since I am STILL working 7 days a week, well, I’m giving out.  I need some rest!

Brotherhood is published as I write it, no editing, no nothing.  The prereaders leave me reviews about what need to be added and what they are thinking so we can see if it will need more work on certain subjects or not.

For now, enjoy the chapter, it solves a story arc and is allowing me to move forward in the story.


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