Allan Hyde 40

Yep.  I bargained on the Facebook group last night for a story I love from another author, so there is an update!

I am still on vacation from worrying about posting, and in fact am normally working on Tea Shoppe since I am determined to finish this story that has been out there for a long time.  I am looking forward to posting it here and having you being able to read it.  After that, I may write more on the other stories, but I will be concentrating on What If.  I wish to complete this one also.  After that I will write and see what comes to me.

I was supposed to start all of this earlier, when I announced when I would be going on Posting Vacation, except what the Betas approve of what I gave them.  But… as all good plans go, this one hit a snag.  Called the freaking flu.  Who the hell gave me the flu and specially in the summer?????

The deal was for one chapter of ED, one of When, which I will be working on soon, and one of ITE, which is with the Beta.  Its a huge chapter, and she has been taking it in sections.  So you will be getting these chapters, soon I hope!

The lesson of the day, going to the Apple store is never an hour trip, it turned into an 8 hour ordeal by the time I got home.  And Apple was responsible directly for 3 hours of it.  And that I can be bribed into working chapters.  You just have to have the right kind of bribe….



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