Only one chapter left on my bargain, and that is with the Beta.  And yep, lemons are included for your reading pleasure!

Many thanks to thewriteashley for her help!!! Through thick and thin, through problems no one could have predicted, she came through!!! I just now have to write for her when I get done with Tea Shoppe.  LOL  I gotta stop making bargains!

An update where I am on my vacation.  I have added the one shot into it’s place in Tea Shoppe and I just finished Chapter 21.  I have 10 more chapters (Since the last chapter had been beta’d when I did it) to edit.  Then I will end the story!  Not in one chapter.  I have much more to write, and I will be strictly writing on this one.  Once done, I will take a break from it and catch up more chapters on the other stories and send them off to Beta’s.  For them to do as they wish, but no more than once a week.  Then I will working on What If, getting that one done.  Then back to Writing, then to editing and be set up for my weekly updates again.

It may take awhile, and as you can tell, I am not planning to go the entire time without no updates, if this isn’t a clue that I can be bargained into chapters.  You just have to find authors I am waiting for updates and talk them into bargaining with me.

Hopefully I will see you guys soon.  Flu had made me miss a couple of days (okay a lot of days) and somehow, one of my Betas and I get sick with each other.  I am not sure how that is fair since there is one of me and many of them.  But it happens.  And this is why they wanted me to take a vacation from the high pressure I was putting myself on to get you guys chapters.

Enjoy the chapter!


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