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This is a comment I received on my story Tin Man.  It is one of my favorite stories, but not a lot of love was received for it.  As mentioned before, my muse is a bitch.  She will reluctantly work with me when she doesn’t feel like we are appreciating her.  I am NOT a review whore.  I am so far ahead of where you are reading, this should not be a thought in your head.  If I was a review whore, many of the stories on here wouldn’t be.  A lot of them are late comers in being liked.

I started off  writing on August 27, 2010.  Yep, in two days it will be 3 years that I have been writing.  And at that time, I did it not believing anyone would read anything I wrote.  Why would they?  I was a no one.  I have a brain stuffed with all the rules of  English, but for reading purposes, they really suck.  Then I remembered a teacher who told me, as long as it flows, the readers will forgive a lot.

So I started to write.  I wrote Alice and Hatter.  It is based on Syfy’s Alice. (Which is also on Netflix, just to let you know.)  I bought the damn movie in so many forms trying to find one I could use.  Ended up with a Amazon version, You Tube version (which both sucked), a DVD that took my husband and I a day to search for cause, (those online updates what stores have, sucked back then).  And finally, a type in for fun of Andrew Lee Potts landed me the iTunes version.  Which is still on all my devices and where I can watch even in the hospital.  Did it!

I settled down with a song playing on my iPod and watching the movie, over and over and over and over. (Cause I was stupid, and didn’t turn subtitles on.)  I wrote out the story, posting as I went, sometimes multiple chapters in a day.  Let me tell you something, it is hilarious to read my own comment.  I was surprised and giddy when I hit a hundred reads.

From that grew Tea Shoppe; a sequel to Alice and Hatter (Revelations); then Tin Man.  After that, What if.  Then I got sick and was more concerned with not moving to prevent agony in my body, and at that time, it was very important to not cause agony, it made all sorts of bad things to happen.  Faeregina came from nowhere after I learned of the True Blood universe after I was healing.  She LOVED my work.  We talked, and slowly but surely, she encouraged me to write again.  I started ITE for her.  As a huge thank you.

And from there, you have all this. (gestures to the site you are reading)  Now this is a long beginning for a comment I received that actually is making me go down this memory lane.  I will say MUCHO thanks to the reader who left this.  It’s true for all of us. And now, I will go back to fighting the need to write, and giving up.  (I’m actually waiting for THE SONG to play for me to start.)  Now without much more ado the review who inspired another Post today.  (But I am still going to find a gratuitous Skarsporn for this post):

Okay I am writing this as an over all review for readers looking to read this story, Tin Man.  Yes, we all came to find Miss. Wendy’s lovely stories different ways.  Thru friends, other blogs, other stories recommendations or maybe just surfing the internet.  But when we got here some of us…yes me included…ignored this little story. (yes at this time it is only 8 chapters out there)  Most of us go scrolling on by to get the True Blood, Twilight or Vampire Diary stories we eagerly wait for updates on.  So I am going to say “HEY STOP!!!” Scroll back up to that one little story *Stop it scroll back up, thank you* and here is what you do.  Almost everyone has Netflix now…if not come find me I will loan you my login…go and watch the Tin Man miniseries I am pretty sure it is on you tube too.  It is in three parts.  Great Story!  (My daughter, Christina, now can’t get enough of that story thanks again Rissa) WATCH it all.  Then go on the adventure with Cain, DG, AZ, Glitch, Raw, and everyone else. (don’t want to spoil it too much)  You already know that Miss Wendy is a wonderful writer or you would not be here looking for story updates in the first place.  So how can you doubt that this is not a good story too.  I will be the first to say that Wendy and Rissa both converted me and I will continue to follow and read ALL of her stories.  Not a single one has failed to be excellent yet!   


Now on a second note…this is not just for this story but for ANY story we read.  We are GREEDY and all beg our favorite authors for updates almost as soon as we finish reading a chapter that was published.  But I want you to think for a few minutes how many times have you sat down at the end of a chapter and typed more than a few “Great chapter or Love it?”  Now think back to how many hours it took any author to focus and get the correct story in their head and write a single chapter.  Then you can’t take five minutes and tell what you like and didn’t like even.  How it makes you feel when you are reading.  All of these things help keep an author loving their work.  We all know what happened to Harris who fell out of love with her characters and most believe she kept writing for the money.  But I truly believe if we would spend a tenth of the time sending reviews with all the happiness or even confusion (I have sent those also) authors will respond with more chapters.  I know when I wrote I did.  Every time I new review came in it gave me a little buzz. 

 SO Wendy here is your BUZZ for this story … I Love it I wish there was more than 5 stars I could give it.  I bow down to Rissa’s wisdom and Will continue till I have all the chapters of all your stories reviewed!  Thank you for keeping us entertained and I hope you reach all your dreams.

Thanks!!!!!!  And I will try to take a break to get the other written ones up.  Hopefully, I will get where my muse is eager to take this one up again.  It is going to be freaking epic, and I want to get it out of my head so that I can go back and reread it later.


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