Ryan Reynolds 6

Yep, the awesome beta, TheWriteAshley strikes again!!! In a short time after I send her the note saying I put up this chapter for her to look over when she gets time, she is off and telling me it is posted and done.

And, then, she posts the pimping chapter thingy to Facebook.  Awesomesauce!!!

The pimping out thing?  Well I have all my people I can catch pimped out on there.  If they don’t pimp themselves out, then I go out and pimp them myself.  Should I be buying a purple pimp suit here?

Anywho, I am off to post the new chapters to Twilighted Tea Shoppe so when the next Tea Shoppe goes out, they will be ready and waiting.

Enjoy the chapter.  And for those wondering, TTS is Tea Shoppe redone to thumb my nose at Twilighted who refused ALL my attempts to post this and others to their site.  So there.   LOL

And me posting this?  Well, who wouldn’t want to stare at Ryan Reynolds each time they pulled up their site??


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