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Description: What if Sookie had another meeting that no one knew about in Fairy?  One that when she returned home, she knew more than when she left, if she knew about herself, and about who really loves her?  Where would TB go from there?  Starts In Season 4, no idea how far we will take this.

Yes, a new story.  I bet your wondering, what the heck, Wendy?  You haven’t updated in forever, but you have a new story???  What is going on?

We are blaming Meridian for this.  She has an evil connection to my muses and I posted a pic in our group in Facebook, with the innocent statement, I always wanted to do a fic based on this scene.  Let me tell you, NEVER EVER say that around her.  I think the conversation started ended up over 85 comments.  And two nights.  That is all it took for her to hook up with that muse. With MissRissa81 cheering behind every single step.

So, while I am in the midst of writing the end of ED I am hit with this nasty muse.  I fought it, God did I try to fight it.  I have ED finishing up.  I have another new story that is angsty as hell already.  It already made me cry and my betas told me they could feel it.  SO why the hell do I want another one?  I didn’t!!! But, it was either write, or lie in bed unable to sleep or do anything.  And let me tell you, my hubby brought home something, gave it me, nasty as hell.  But I gave it right back to him, and he aint laughing anymore.

So I wrote it.  And here is the deal. I write what the muse tells me to.  There is no goal for this, though I have joked that I might rewrite the seasons, but there is no plans.  I am truthfully writing this as a no angst story.  Something to relax into when I am fighting other things.

It will be updated whenever I get the chance to work on it.  The only thing is it will NEVER be updated any sooner than Wednesdays.  I will end it.  I will let you know when I do so.  I will TRY to stay ahead a chapter or two.  But no promises at all on this.  Plus I have the wonderful 4Padfoot who is Beta on this.  So she determines if it is good enough to be updated.

On the other hand, ED is on chapter 28, and ending rapidly.  So next month, the updates will start up on that again.  There is a poll on the Facebook Group on which fic I will try to work on.

So enjoy!  I will try to make it light hearted as possible.  There will be some cliffys, since I promise no angst, I gotta keep you guys coming, and like always, the uncensored version is here.


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