I just wanted to let you guys know I am working away over here.  I had been abandoned by those wonderful muses for the stories you guys love for a couple of months.  They are creeping back.  Slowly. My Muses are being sassy when they walk back in too.

For those who are interested in my Original Fiction, well, there are connections being made all over the place.  I have most of it planned out.  And I am excited since a lot of the favorites will be there, changed big time, but the stories will be there.

Thanks to all the well wishes.  I have you know, Meridian, my Beta of the ED story, came up with a wonderful idea.  She thought since I was upset, and not able to write the morning after scene for the mating in ED, that a new story would help.  All that research and such.  My mouth and body said, NO!

My brain on the other hand, thought over it, and without informing the rest of me, came up with a story.  Then it brought up a story idea that I thought up three years ago, and have been unable to 1) write it, not finding a story I want to make AH for it. 2) It is full of heartbreak at the beginning, actually having a lesson in it.  I know, a moral story!!!!  But it merged the stories and presented it to me.

Then as I cussed out Meridian, and MissRissa81 as they agreed with the know-it-all muse, and loved it, my brain, aka bitch of a muse, continued to mess with the story, all without my agreement.  I wrote the prologue on the female side, then introduced our major hero in the next short chapter that is also a prologue of sorts.  I wrote another chapter, that had me boohooing, and then it all solidified. Yep the bitch is sitting there in my head laughing all the way as she tells me what to write.  But MissRissa81 tells me I am not crazy, even with all the muses in my head.  I am starting to think we need a second opinion.

This is another Damon/Bella story.  It ties directly to the Brotherhood universe.  It also features a Damon much like the book version.  But still played by Ian, because, hey, its Ian! And if you are a member of my Facebook group, then you know how much I love Ian.

There is a huge cast for this.  This is Bella in name only, she is going to have her life ripped up from birth on, so don’t expect that Twilight Bella.  Nope, this one will have a new life, and the only reason I don’t want to bother with an OC, is that I will have to make up a life for my female lead later that will explain how ripped up her original life is from the current version.  The more I can change, the better off I will be with no pleas of me using other’s characters.

If you wish to put in your two cents, go to the Facebook Group and let us hear about it.  Right now there is ranting and raving going on about a certain show’s finale last night, but there is an album showing characters picked out, and a chat going on about what is going on in my mind.

I will say, that I am writing.  I was left in a room all by myself for a couple months all because I wanted to finish a fic, I had no muses in residence.  Taught me a valuable lesson.  Unless people feed the muses, they get persnickety and refuse to work.  I think MissRissa81 told me she offered her soul for this story.

So I am working, and writing, when I am not ranting and raving over a show.  Chapters take about a full day for each.  And that is not counting the editing and all that fun.  I wanted to finish ED before I edited it and let you guys enjoy a finished book.  Before I started on the next.  Along with the end of this bo0k of You’re.  I’ll get there.  I also need to work a day or two on Brotherhood, so my hubby will allow me to keep writing for you guys too.  Though it helps, I did get another whiteboard, and with colored markers, showed how they stories intersect.  Let’s just say after he watched me put it together after a couple of hours, he decided to leave me alone to it.

I am also trying not to burn out working on the stories all the time.  I am trying to find a balance.  My beta’s can tell you I am working on the stories, and Soon will be sliding back into publishing them again.  If you have favorites, review and help encourage the muses.  I give up on forcing them to work.  They suck.  Truly.

Hope you like the update.  I wanted to let you guys know what is going on, and your outpourings of sympathy helped.  The author had pulled the stories, and apologized to me.  SO, no more  hating the author.



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