Yep you heard it!! Another of my favorite authors has written and published!!! Click on the image above and it will take you to the page in Amazon!

She has mentioned that the eBook will be released later this week.  I love everything she has done, and I am more than excited to read this!  I am waiting on the eBook, but only because I ain’t allowed to buy real books.  Something about those hundreds of ones I have stacked everywhere, and on top of each other and no more room for any more.  It’s why my hubby bought the iPad.  LMAO!!

I hope you buy it, it is also part of a multibook series.

I just finished my part of the interview, and handed it off to the masters.  And I am going to edit some more while my muse is crackling in the back of my head.  Makes me worried what she is up to when she gets back to me about what to write!