Josh Kloss 4

Description: A group of students meet one day.  Never knowing that it would be the meeting that would help define them for the rest of their lives. Read warnings on cover page.

Yes, her.  Blame her.  She somehow made this happen. Don’t ask, she has this long explanation of how she DIDN’T do it.  But she did.

So give me two weeks.  It’s my normal amount of time to finish.  Then I will have your ED edited.  This one is all though out.  It will take longer to execute than the hour I planned it all out, so just let me go.

If you would like to read it, it is Original Fiction.  It will fit into the Brotherhood universe.  It will be password protected.  To get password, you need to go to my Facebook group and get it from Rissa.   You HAVE TO REVIEW!!!  It’s not much to ask for.  And if you have no idea where my Facebook group is, nor who Rissa is, well call it a challenge.   I have linked it all over the place.  And the guy above?  He is the main male lead.  Yeah.  Yum…

Enjoy.  I am going to type my fingers off trying to get this one done before she infects my freaking muse with another.  If only they didn’t relax, or even fit in my universe I am building it would help….


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