Autmun in a park

Have you had a question for your favorite characters in the stories?  Well, the admins of this site have decided to help you out!

In my Facebook Group, (Which the link is on the side) We held the first vote for the characters.  Niall won from ITE.

So what does this mean?  That for today, Monday 09/23/2014 through Tuesday 09/24/2014 until 3pm CST, you can join in determining five additional questions to ask him.  How will I be determining this?  I will take the five most liked questions and add them to the interview.  If there are not five, then there will be less questions.  Never more than five, but certainly less.

Here is the link to the Basic Questionnaire, so you know what will be included in each one.  I will post the interview here before the end of the month.  Next month, I will but up the poll again for input.

I am off to finalize what I need to do to get ready for this, then I will be working on something.  Anything.


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