allan hyde shirtless awakening

This is Meridian posting on behalf of our fearless leader who is currently under the nasty, proverbial weather, poor thing.

She wanted to thank our awesome WordPress Whisperer, 4Padfoot, and me for our hard work. Robin has truly done an amazing job on Wendy’s site here, and deserves OODLES of noodl…recognition for her dedication, bravery, and general awesomeness.

(If I’m supposed to be thanking myself, does that mean I can give me cookies?  And pumpkin pie…with REAL whipped cream??  It does?  SPLENDID!!  Let the thanking commence!)

She also relayed the fabulous news that she’s going to be working to finish editing the existing chapters of ED (Every Dark Night Turns Into Day), and will then, Muses and health willing, go back to crafting Aos Si.  I, for one, can’t wait.   (I will do my part by sincerely attempting to curtail my Muse Whisperings.  Maybe.)

I will now steal this opportunity to say that working with Wendy, and seeing how her fantastic mind twists and turns and churns out pure brilliance, is every bit as much fun as you could imagine it to be, and more.  She is a pure joy to work with, and I look forward to seeing much more of her imagination at play.

Anyway, here’s the latest chapter of ED – enjoy, and review!