Conference de presse du film "Amityville Horror". NT. Retna. W

Yep, This is a new chapter of Twilighted Tea Shoppe!  Just for you guys.  Thanks to the lovely Beta thewriteashley!!!

Hope you enjoy the Sunday, and as always, click on pictures for the link to the chapter.

Oh yes, The results of the poll ended with In The End winning, and Niall won over Godric by one vote.  So as soon as I get a list of the questions, I will allow some other questions to be added and then will work on the interview here soon.

Next month the poll will be on the Facebook group.  So come on over and join if you wish!! (I need a banner for the group for this site.  LMAO.)

So I am off to get back under the blankets, and you guys enjoy the chapter!


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