Sad Godric

Yes, you are reading that right.  I am sick, and so I am not trusting myself to write, I kinda wonder around my brain as you will see from this post.  So instead, I edited and sent the chapter to my Beta.  I am not promising I am going to edit any other chapters, but I wanted to feel like I did something.

Tomorrow ends the voting for the Character of the Month interview.  The voting is going on in my Facebook Group which you can click the link on the side.  We will more than welcome you!  Right now In The End is winning with Niall being in the lead for the interview.  Make your voice be heard if you want someone else to be interviewed, or make sure he is the one since I know people to have changed their votes at the last minute!  Also, the ladies there got notice of this being up before anyone else.  Just saying, its easy to tell them there to check out the new chapter, when I am sick.  (Hint Hint)

I am mostly all better.  I am making sure I don’t push myself since I did that yesterday or the day before, and ended up worse.   So here you go, specially since I am not finding much to read out there also.   I hate being sick.  I read all the stuff, and there is nothing to read, which makes me want to write, but when I sit up for too long, I cough too much, get a headache and need to go lie down and it starts the thing all over again.  And I get irritated, so anything not going right makes me mad.  Aren’t you glad you are not my hubby nor Connor?

I think I’m about halfway through the rough draft of Aos Si.  There are hints of a trip, that may lead to weddings from my muse.  I am not sure, but we are closing in on their year they wrangled out of Mordred, and things are going to heat up soon.  I am getting excited.  To think, maybe next year I will have a book out there with my name!  And maybe someone will buy it!!

LOL Sick and drugged out minds wonder about a lot of things as they try to sleep and cannot for some strange reason.

Enjoy the chapter!


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