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New chapter for Tea Shoppe!  Thanks so much Thewriteashley!  If you guys like You’re go check out her thirsty.  The link is right there on the side just click her name!

What does the mean?  It means another chance to immerse yourself in a Wendy Universe!  Yea, in case you don’t know, Tea Shoppe is AU, which means other than some inside jokes, there is NOTHING that pertains to Alice, 2009.  So give it a chance for a read!  You really need nothing more than your reading skills to know anymore than others.  They may get a few inside jokes, but there is nothing to point you to the inside jokes to make you look at this fic oddly.  It’s totally made up out of my head and I only used the characters of Alice, 2009 since this was my second story ever.

Also.  Our very own 4PadFoot has done the daunting task of putting our Rec List in order.  It is under the menu up above, under Other Stuff, then Stories I Love.  She is working on the blogs right now, and can I tell you, it looks so freaking awesome.  What she is doing with it is blowing my mind away.  There are other changes she has made to the site (And one of which makes me fangirl squee, I have changing headers!! Me and my seasons… Here we come!! LMAO!) that you need to see.  She is freaking awesome and I very much appreciate the time she is giving up to help out on the site.

There is a warning on the site, just to cover our buts, but please note it.  As She straightens out the website, we will be trying to make it better.  For those of you wondering, ED is being edited right now.  So you guys will be back to close to a regular schedule.  But after I finish that, Aos Si, will be finished then I will start writing You’re.  I need Aos Si done before December when I am on a real vacation with my husband and Connor in Arizona.  I plan to spend the 3-4 weeks there working on for novelization.  And as you can see, my Beta’s are working on anything they can get their hands on!!  And if you are missing You’re.  Well like I mention.  Thirsty.  Go read it. I wait with bated breathe and many begs for updates.  If you guys are missing some SVM universe.. Try out the Queen bee of my betas, Meridian’s Anticipated or Revelation of Andre.  There is also Magsmacdonald, who is another SVM/TB fan.  So, read my betas.  They are freaking awesome!!! Click on their names and you can be taken to their playgrounds stories.

Enjoy the chapter!


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