Yes, the interview is done!  Many thanks to our WordPress Whisperer and to Meridian for their help in it.  And many thanks of course to our continuity beta, MissRissa81.  They all helped to make this so much fun to do.  I just sat down, and interviewed, they made it all pretty.

So, you know the drill, click the dancing Niall to make it to the Monthly Interviews screen.

For those of you lost, this is a new monthly article that will be done on here.  It will eventually replace the Character Lists that I have on stories.  We have a list of standard questions, and then after the Facebook group votes on what story and who the character will be, then they can ask up to five questions.  The most ‘liked’ will be asked.  For more information, please refer to the Monthly Interviews.

So sit back, enjoy this interview, since I most definitely did!  It was easy, fun and I can’t wait for next month.  MissRon80 even has made me banners!!!!  I am so excited!


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