On behalf of our lovely Kittyinaz:

Here is another wonderful chapter of ED.  We are getting close to the home stretch. I am working on getting everything edited and handed over to the lovely and sweet Meridian for her to wave her magic wand over.

Once I am done, like I’ve said, I’ll be back to work on the Original Fiction Aos Si, then You’re and so on will be done

Also, Food Blog, yep, we have one!  The link to it is on the side.  There are some awesome recipes, links and so on.  Check it out, and send some of your own recipes in to the email addy:  kittyinazfoodblog@gmail.com.

No worries on where you got them from, we give credit to whom it’s due, and all recipes are accepted.

Many huge thanks to Meridian and her awesome team of betas. They are all just waiting to get stories. Our WordPress Whisperer is freaking awesome!

On a sad note, a lot of fics are being pulled from fanfiction.net. If you are an author on fanfic, if you go to fictionpad.com, you can back up your stories there – all at once.  They have an 18+ Age restriction, with your birth date having to be entered. All it takes is your username to start the move. We know of some, like Ethereal Redemption, that got pulled and she hadn’t finished moving her story over onto  WordPress.  If you can help her, click on her blog in my list of blogs and shoot her a quick note.

And now, on to the story:


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