October Chat

Yep it is that time!   I did Godric’s interview while I was making lasagna.  So I was a very busy bee yesterday on my day off.    Many thanks to Meridian for Betaing, to the WordPress Whisperer, for putting it all together, and to MissRon80 for the Kick Ass Banner for this month’s interview!

It was again fun, and as per the Queen of Betas, had reminded me, no editing, no nothing after I was done.  I handed it off to Rissa, and then went to bed.  My hubby has had a miserable couple of days.  He had been telling me it was all allergies and his asthma kicking in all at once.  I believed him and when he refused me making Homemade Chicken Noodle soup, I thought he was right.

Boy was he wrong, I went to bed once I was done making all the food. (And my fridge is PACKED with food from that one day, luckily they took food to work to share with others.  THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!) And this morning woke with my body feeling like a huge Charley’s horse, and my throat hurting so bad I can hardly believe it.  And the drainage!! OMG.  So needless to say, I am out for the count.  And my hubby is getting text messages telling him if he does NOT bring some damn Nyquil, I will be hurting him.

Per a review I got today, I feel I need to explain something.  My mom got diagnosed with breast cancer in what feels like months ago, but has only been a week and a half.  What is worse, is there is intensive family history all on my mom’s side of family, of my older female relatives dying from it that no one ever told me.  So I had been hit twice with information that is shocking.  My mom has cancer in both breasts, and is dead set on surviving this, and will do so.  I fully support her, as she is with me.  Yes, they have begun the testing to see if I may have it cause the form she has, does not show up on a mammogram or ultrasound, nor do you get lumps.  The only way was for a MRI, and they found it by accident.

As for writing, my Betas promptly removed both the sites (WordPress and Facebook) from my care, since my mom is meeting with a surgeon this week and I will be her primary care person while she is here.  This is meaning that until I leave on 13th of December to go to Tucson, I don’t know what times I have to write or anything.  With this understanding, I promptly finished editing ED since so many had asked for it.  Now I am to only write, not edit, anything for awhile.  I am highly stressed out, which is why the food blog is getting so much from me, since it seems when I am stressed, I bake/cook.  ALOT.

So for When I Pretend, or really any stories? Who knows.  I did not plan to have all this dumped on me, and while I know you are upset, it does nothing to upset me right now.  As stressed as I am, I am not the easy going person of norm.  So the plan is that NO story is ever abandoned.  EVER.  And I am only to write, not edit, what I feel like writing to help get the stress out.  If you wish to know more, you can contact the betas at their email, or see if you can catch me in our group.  But you can ask any of the ladies, I really am not into much but trying to find ways to be happy right now, since I am the one who needs to be happy for my mom, due to what’s happening in the house.

Shoot even for this post, I have Connor being a little snit and tearing into everything cause he wants me back in bed.  So enjoy the interview. And anything that is ready to be posted, will be done so by my Betas.


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