Misty Shower

And what does this mean for you followers of this awesome blog that WordPress Whisperer has made for me?  What does the pic up above mean??

Yep, It’s time for ED!! And there is a citrus sitting there waiting for you to read!  And since I am two chapters away from finishing it, (In editing mode, the story has been done for awhile.) you should be haunting the site for updates….  Cause we are getting back on that Wednesday updating schedule.  Slowly, yes, but surely.  And Meridian gives good beta.

For all those that are asking about stories, yes.  Nothing is given up.  All stories WILL BE updated.  You’re is the next on the list for me to update.  And once I finish Aos Si, you will have me working on stories until I am gone on vacay.  I want to make sure the betas have work to do if they wish to have it!

So, after this, I am going to be looking over Twilighted Tea Shoppe, so don’t be surprised to get another update today.  Just remember, Ashley writes Thirsty, one of my favorite stories (Click on The WriteAshley over on the side to read it!)   And I fully promote her to work on her stuff before mine.  But there are plenty chapters of Tea Shoppe waiting to be editing. She also is switching the story to current tense.  So she is doing a lot of work on Tea Shoppe, and on Twilighted Tea Shoppe.  So give her a whirl.

As I have mentioned in the past and as the Facebook group knows, I am not doing good, but it ain’t me personally.  I will not be home for the next Wednesday post, I’ll be sitting in a waiting room for my mom.  Then having to learn what her options are.  So it won’t be fun for me.  And I have my own procedure to check for stuff on Saturday.  I was supposed to be walking in the Alzheimer’s walk, but this is a little more immediate and they are allowing me on a Saturday.

So enjoy the chapters up.  Don’t forget to check in around Saturday to try to find that elusive Gif that 4PadFoot leaves for us to find (And it ain’t easy on a iPhone let me tell you!) and I will be getting the monthly interview out as soon as I can.  Life has hit my family with a painful reminder and we are all reeling from it.