And you wonder what is so special about Saturdays?  Well, those are the days my Wonderful WordPress Whisperer plays hide the gif.

It is so fun, I am inviting you to play.  Right now there is last weeks Gif (Alex sunbathing) and this week’s which is Ian taking a shower. (See below)

They are NOT in chapters.  But you get to have fun.  Click and let us know when you have found them!  I keep getting distracted by Ian dancing on one of the pages and halt there.  I won’t blame you if you do too.  So happy hunting!  And no, the gifs below are so you know what you are looking for!

Naked-Damon-damon-salvatore-19002370-499-282 true-blood-eric-northman-quotes-17

By the way, thanks for all the well wishes.  I am feeling better, but I am actually not home for once in a while. So my betas are covering for me by adding the posts.  But I really thank you all for caring about me!


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