And you know what that means:  It’s time for a new chapter of ED!

This is Meridian posting on behalf of our fearless leader Wendy/Kittyinaz who has spent the day with her mom in consultation for Mama Kittyinaz’s surgery.  Unfortunately Wendy hasn’t been well herself, either, so she hasn’t been able to write up the recipe for the chicken and rice mentioned in this chapter (YUM, btw!), but she’ll get to it some time this week.  The food blog addy for that is:, and the email addy for y’all to send in all your awesome recipes (*hint*) is:

Regarding ED:  This story is officially finished – all that’s left is the beta’ing and the posting once a week.  (Trust me, it’s awesome!)  Wendy states that only two chapters of the sequel have been written and we will see about that.  She also says to thank her awesome betas and her amazing Website Whisperer.  I take this to mean that we get to rob everyone’s Halloween hauls, right?  😀

Finally, I’d like to remind everyone that we betas have an email address set up:  This is solely to contact the betas directly regarding site issues and potential corrections.  Wendy doesn’t even have access to it (because the betas decided that she really doesn’t need that stress, too), so be sure to leave reviews and story comments below each chapter.

And now, on with this chapter (it’s a sweet one):


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