13Yep!! My awesome WordPress Whisperer has come through on something she has been working on for awhile.

She has redone the character page.

For those that don’t know.  The Brotherhood is my Original Fiction I am writing.  It is a series of interlocking stories in my universe that will lead up to a grand finale.  And then, it won’t be over.  I promise many HEA, but then, when don’t I?

Right now I am in the middle of writing the first one, Aos Si, or rather the long name Brotherhood of Aos Si.  I am looking to finish it here this month, after ED is done editing, then I will be editing it for publishing in December.

So, to tempt you guys, I have a chapter of Brotherhood of Kaschei  available to anyone who wants to read it.  As well as the bios that will be popping up.  Enjoy.  Also there are hints of other changes happening like songs added to the song lists for you to listen to them and so on.  All thanks to my wonderful, awesome WordPress Whisperer.

For those that wanted to know, Godric of In The End won this months Interview spot.  Until midnight CST on 10/16/2013 you can add your questions and vote on the ones you like the most.  The top five voted on questions will be used. No more, but no less.  If you want to see what the normal interview questions are, click here.  Also you can see Niall’s interview and if you look around.

I am off to edit.  Have fun!


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