Hi y’all! Bertie Bott (thewriteashley) here for Wendy to let you know that chapter 6 for Tea Shoppe is up and just waiting for you to read and review!

As many of you know, our Wendy found out recently that she is a featured author for the week over at TWCS and we are all so proud of her. Be sure to drop her a congrats in your review – she works so hard to put out these wonderful stories and she certainly deserves the recognition!

If you haven’t heard, we’ve started a new email exclusively for Wendy’s betas (kittysbetas@gmail.com). This email is for you to use if you notice something that maybe we missed during our editing process – because lets face it, we betas are human too and sometimes it happens! This is NOT a place to leave reviews, but simply a way for you to contact us betas and let us know that something needs correcting – a misspelled word, a grammar error, or something along those likes. We appreciate your feedback and your help in keeping reviews exclusively on WordPress for Wendy’s viewing and corrections emailed in to kittysbetas@gmail.com.

That’s is for me… Happy reading!


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