We in Kittyinaz-land have some great news:


First, several of us WON in the Energize WIP Awards!

Most Promising Crossover Fanfiction:

1st Place:  WhiteWolfLegend’s The Beginning

2nd Place:  Kittyinaz’s You’re All I’m Asking For

3rd Place:  Bertie Bott’s Thirsty for Your Love

Most Motivational Reviewer:  1st Place:  4Padfoot

Most Motivational Beta:  2nd Place:  Meridian

YES!  OUR LADIES WON THE ENTIRE “Most Promising Crossover Fanfiction” CATEGORY!!!  GO US!!!

And next item up for joy:

Here’s Chapter 27 of ED:


Enjoy, and as always, not only are reviews appreciated, but don’t forget The Food Blog!!  With Thanksgiving coming up, delicious recipes are even more awesome, so send in your favorites, and check out what we’ve got!

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