james-james-mcavoy-10189972-2560-1707Yep, Wednesday!!! And that means a new chapter of ED is ready for you guys!!!

Many thanks as always to Meridian for being my Beta and trying to keep off the stress on me.  If you want an update on the battle for Brest cancer my mom is fighting, along with everything else going on, please follow me on Facebook.  My group’s link is to the side, feel free to click and ask to become a member.

This is an information dump chapter, and there is a time jump.  But we needed to move the story, and they deserve to have some private time.  Well as private as me babbling it all this chapter.  LMAO!

There was the interview of last month, Godric, and the interview for this month will be posted tomorrow.  I am cleaning, so we will see if anything else gets done.  I will be babysitting Friday.  Yeah Me!!!

Next week, expect Meridian and the betas to post.  the 13th is the big day, and while I have been told to stay home, since she will be out of it from Wednesday until Friday, I will be climbing the walls.  So I really won’t care.

I have been working on You’re and the betas are loving the chapters I am getting out.  I am also, since I am so freaking stressed over the information today going to be writing a one shot of Damon/Bella.  Its not part of anything, but just needed to calm down and that is the easiest.

Also, please visit the Food Blog!!! I sent them a bunch of recipes, and I will finish a lot more this week.  I want my dresser to be cleaned off.  WAY too busy on it for me.  I am also going to make that Chicken & Rice I promised tomorrow with step by step with pictures directions.  And if I can get more cream cheese, I will make pumpkin Cheesecake bars.  I just make them, so I will have to write down how to make that one.  So join the blog to be notified when these hit the postings!

Final thing, the ladies that make up my freaking awesome betas are … well I used freaking awesome.  So Use whatever you like, cause they have been there each step of the way for me.  Please visit their sites.  MissRon80 Has some great rants going on, Meridian has her own series up and going, TheWriteAshley has Thirsty, which I beg for more.  Mags has a couple of E/S fics that have me reading and waiting on.  Zabby Perno is a writer of awesome talent, she tackles Primeval, which I am scared of the science.  Sitalia25 has a bunch of crossovers.  They are a bunch of busy ladies that I highly recommend reading.  I have, and I do not regret it at all.  And I feel so humbled to know they volunteered to read my stuff to make it palatable!!!!  Thanks ladies.  If you wish to contact them, they have an email addy for them.  I am not allowed to see it, but they will answer questions on the stories, update planning and any errors.  They are trying to take stress off me, which I highly appreciate it, and each are an expert on their story that they Beta for me.  Someone will get back to you.  Or drop them a line in the Group, they hang out there too.

So enjoy the chapter, And I am going to write my one-shot for meridian to get her grubby fingers on.  She REALLY wants it.


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