I know, you guys are expecting some posts tomorrow.  Well, I am telling my betas not to worry.  Yep I know, cliffy and such, but seriously.  I will be driving tomorrow to Tucson, and they will be gearing up for family times.  And you know my mantra, family comes first!

I have been writing when I have a chance.  This earlier departure to Tucson is to give me time to settle.  I have barely slept in a week, and been making up for it the last two days.   But going there, not having to take care of anyone but Connor and I?  Heaven.  I need it right now.  We won’t go to how yucky stress has been on my body.  Bad, Bad, Bad.

So my plan when I am gone?  To write my little heart out.  No one is expecting us, so Connor and I will attempt to learn to go from a couch potato to a marathon runners in the next few weeks.  I need the outlet running gives, and since they have dirt roads there, awesome. ( I used to be a long distance runner, so I fondly remember the time when I run, and be able to think or not when your body is just moving.)  Then I can take my laptop and write away.  No idea what the internet service will be, but I bought a new jet pack aka mifi.  If nothing else, I can email?  Who knows.

I will not be back to normal stuff until after my birthday on the 13th of JANUARY.  Yes, that long.  Marty is taking a month off between the 2 years, and we will be taking the time to recharge ourselves.  Sometimes a new view will give your batteries a recharge.

ED is finished, Meridian is going to be working on that when she has time.  I may have some other stories done and handed out to betas while I am out.  I am aiming to finish some of those hanger outers, and finish my first book.  I had wanted to work on that exclusively, but hey, Real Life sucks sometimes, and mine has sucked more than most.  I will be working on the interview this month for Killian.  And my Betas may post the next poll.  WE will all see when I get there.

For an update, Momma Kitty (As my mom has been nicknamed) is now home.  Connor is leaving with me tomorrow to allow her time to heal.  She is loving the being home, there is nothing like your own home to feel better.  She has been making strides, and is talking about the marathon for Susan G. Komen for a goal.  Hehehe.  Like she can keep up with me!!!  Well, me then.  LOL.  She is still in pain, but she is settling in, and is happy to be wearing normal clothes.  Well no jeans and none for 6 months, .  But all in all, she is doing well!

I have sent over my recipes for family cookies and such to the Food Blog, and Megan is working on getting all those updated.  And as soon as I can, I will be purchasing my domain this year for Kittyinaz, so if the Kittyinaz.Wordpress doesn’t work, try dropping the WordPress.  This is exciting since our WordPress Whisperer has left little notes saying how much more she can do if we had the domain, so be looking forward to that.

Lots of changes, but I am letting my Betas know that as the holiday madness encroaches on their free time, to put me on the backburner and enjoy the time for the holidays.  Myself?  I am going to try to stock up on your stories and relax.  Luckily for you, I’ve exhausted all my reading so I have nothing but writing to do.  LOL.

Have a happy holidays if I don’t talk to you before then, and I look forward to the new year and all the excitement.  Oh yeah, WordPress normally puts the snow out there, and as soon as I find it, you know I will be signing up, since I love playing with it.  It’s the little things folks!


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