On behalf of Wendy and everyone else here in Kittyinaz’land, I would like to wish  you all a very Happy New Year!

Now, on to the awesome one-shot…the one for which clues were left on Wendy’s Facebook page…:

Damon 3

(Wendy may or may not be banned from posting for a bit in her beta’s effort to curtail mounting stress…also, there may or may not be another one shot in the process of being completed.  You may or may not want to stay tuned to her Facebook page for clues…)

We also have a new Interview up, too!!  This time the victim subject is Eric from ED of the Set You Free Trilogy!!  There were some awesome questions and some awesome answers – I think you’ll love it!

hair cut Eric

And he has a Bio, too!

Enjoy, take care, and let’s bust 2014 wide open (in a GOOD way, y’all…)!