Allan Hyde 17Yep, and it has been up for awhile, to allow stalkers to the site to have first access.  Then I announced it to the Facebook ladies.  And now you have it.

Fanfiction, Fiction Pad and all the rest will only get the chapters after today.   This will be the norm for all stories from here on out.  As you guys know, Fanfiction gets edited chapters, but the rest, get the whole version.

I have bad and good news for you.  There is one chapter left.  And the sequel is started.  But… I am no longer posting until I finish a story.  So you will need to wait.  I will try to get to it as soon as I can.  I have the one I am working on, which is a E/S/G trying to fix the fuckups from TB.  I have figured in making it two stories, the second one a kinda fixing of the books. Not exactly, since I never read the books, told not to since the last book would make or break it.  Or even telling me when to stop reading.  So once I am done, I will finish You’re the first book, then come back to edit this.

Then I HAVE to finish Aos Si.  I will try to work on Edge next.

So give me time, and you will have plenty of stories, and once I am done writing them, you will not need to wait this long ass time again.  Sorry, but I am trying!!

So enjoy this next to last chapter, and I will go back to writing All I Want.