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Yep.  It’s THAT chapter, the one that ends the first book.  Karen has had it up since midnight, and she let the ladies on Facebook group know about it while I slept peacefully in bed.

I know you probably ain’t going to read the rest of this, but here it is.  Next week, and the week after that, all betas are off work.  If they happen to post, then all the good for all of us.  But other than that, don’t expect no posting from our site.  The Holidays are a special time and family is supposed to be number one, no matter if it is blood family, or a family you have made for yourself.

Good news/Bad news time.  Tonight at midnight the voting on the five questions ends on Facebook.  ED’s Eric is the lucky guy to be interviewed.  I am also looking to finish All I Want this week.  Looking at the thing after mapping out what needs to happen, well I seemed to have written myself into a trilogy or even 4 books with this one.  But it will be finished!

We have a beta for OUaT, Yeah!! She is reading through the story and as soon as I can get with Robin, we will be adding her name to the Betas list.  Please say a hearty welcome to RealJena.  And check out her site!!! (Click on her name!)  I am going to work on the next chapter to send to Sharon once I finish this fic this week.

After this is You’re, and then I will edit All I want, then Aos Si, edit You’re work on the sequel to ED.  And so on.  I am finishing fics.  I am trying to get to the point I am writing, and there is work for the betas at the same time.  I have so many stories to catch up on!  But I will be working on them, even though I am fighting MamaKitty on her story, she really wants me to write up one I came up with while entertaining her.  It kinda amazed her the fact I could sit there and tell her my story to keep her entertained.

So for now, you settle down, read the last installment of Every Dark Night, knowing there will be sequels following as soon as I get these other trilogies started also.  When I start a new story, you will get it once it is done.  Yeah?

Other things I need to touch on:

  • The food blog is up and running.  I have been using it heavily on vacation to cook for my inlaws, and we will be cookie diving soon.  My aunt has given me her Taste of Home magazine and Light Cooking for me to send to the food blog, (With all credits) so there is a lot of stuff Megan is working on getting into there.
  • This is award season!  The Diamond awards are open for the nominations, and the Bloodthirsty Awards are open for voting.  Go vote!!! BertieBotts Thirsty is up also!  Please vote for us…   How can you deny Connor?
  • The Amazon Partnership is fully up and running.  Right now it is giving me some percentage you pay, and there is no difference in how you pay, just how you get to the site.  Marty and his mom tested this by using my link and going through it, and not using my link.  No difference in the price, but one way pays me for referencing you to the site, the other, Amazon gets all the money.  The monies will be going towards this site, and paying back my generous husband for his money he has paid towards the site until now.  Guaranteed arrival is if you order by midnight today, so have at it! Link is on the side, and later we may dedicate a page to the Partnership.  It has been telling me about sales and such for the future.
  • Feel free to contact the Betas if you spot a mistake, or have questions for them.  They set up an email just for this purpose.  Also we are still looking for Betas, so if you want Bennies like being able to read ahead, and hear me talk and plan, get ahold of Karen aka Meridian and she will administer the tests to you.  No worries, she makes me take the damn tests too.
  • Also please take the time, along with me to acknowledge the great time and effort these ladies give.  They give up the time of their free time to look over these chapters and have been there in ways you cannot imagine when RL has gone to complete hell with me.  They stepped up and took over so much to allow me the ability to write and edit.  Without these ladies, this would be nowhere near as nice a site (Thanks 4PadFoot!) nor would the stories be edited to the degree they are! (Thanks Ladies, Alicia, Mags, Robin, Karen, Rissa, Sharon, Marnie, Ashley, Ellyn, Jena, Molly, Hattie and Nicole!)  And special thanks to Rissa for catching any errors making sure I don’t spend all my time going back over my stories to make sure there are no Continuity Errors, and Sharon for making so many of the Banners here and on the Facebook site.
  • Facebook group is where I hang out.  There is a link on the side if you wish to join.  I’m on spotty internet, but I try!!!!

Enjoy the chapter, and the holidays.  No throwing rotten fruit or eggs to me, Karen put a shield up, cannot get the inlaws house so messy.


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