First up for your enjoyment is the next chapter of ED! Many huge thanks to Meridian aka Karen for getting that done and adding pics since my internet sucks! No throwing tomatoes, there is not many chapters left, you guys will finish this story this year. And then wait until I write the next one.

Yes, that is my plan, to write them completely out before doing another one.  I have one being written, I was going for the November thingie, but RL didn’t let up on me, and was worse.  So now I am trying to work on it, finish it.  It will be another E/S/G, not that it started out like that, but hey.  I am trying to fix True Blood, so it is interesting.   A lot of huh’s and WTF’s is going to be fixed.  The story premise is unique, so I like to see it done and started to be posted for it.

Then You’re. This other story came about when I first got the news of my Mom’s cancer and how much more risk I was all of a sudden.  I couldn’t concentrate on any story that I had at the time, and that November thingie had just begun.  So yeah, I got encouraged by my Betas to write it, saying I need to get away from it all.  I REALLY want to write You’re so, I am working towards that.

When I am done with You’re then comes the editing of the new story, so you can read that every Wednesday.  Then I will finish Aos Si, then edit You’re.  Seeing a pattern here?  Yeah that is the pattern I am trying to stick to.  I am finally in the right mood to write What If, so I am hopefully going to start that so I can finish it.  The plan is to finish all the fics I have, since I know you guys are wanting your favorites.  Shit I want them too!! I love getting back into the minds of the characters for them.  So we will be working on that.

Again, there is a call out for a Beta for OUaT.  There are tests involved, but Karen, the Queen of the Betas is in charge of that.  Contact her through the email, or join the group and talk to her there.  I have no say so in the Betas.  I have lucked out so much in my group of them, but some instances with the original stories I am writing taught us a lesson.  Be careful. So I will put call outs to the Betas, and if none of them pick it up, then we go outside to add to the ladies.  There are many benefits.  You get added to the chat, the group and are allowed to read the site of the stories which I store EVERYTHING On it.  So if you are thinking, I want to be a Beta, and I love reading ahead and chatting with Wendy on the other stories, come be a part of us!

The Amazon partnership link is on the side.  And I forgot to tell you guys, it costs you $0.  It is simply paying me for directing the traffic from my site there.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I need to help with the costs to the website so that Hubs doesn’t have a coronary. Please, help me prevent a coronary for him.

Food Blog, yeah.  Why are you hesitating in visiting? We are adding to it as we go.  I made the biscuits and stew last night and am making the Monterrey Spaghetti for dinner tonight. Soo much yums happening and my in laws are thrilled.  When I get the chance, I am getting the recipe from my mother in law for her scalloped potatoes.  Since I have come, they make tons of it.  I will also get the pistachio pudding for my hubs and the turkey/chicken burritos she makes from the leftover turkey and chicken.  So I will be sending in those recipes, what are you going to contribute?

The email for the Betas is there for anything but reviews to me.  Rissa, our awesome Continuity Beta is available to answer questions, as well as the rest of the Betas who wish to know if there is something they missed in the stories.  Even if you have a suggestion for the site, our awesome Robin has access and will read it.

Many, many thanks to my readers for putting up with all my RL trials, I appreciate it.  So many huge thanks to my Betas who stepped up and started to organize when I started to stress out, taking the website administration off my hands, getting the Betas ready and so on.  then when RL crashed on me, they stepped up even more, making sure for you guys, the stories were getting out there while I grieved and then shoved it aside to take care of my Mom.  This time here in AZ has been working to relax me, to grieve and to just have time to write which is soothing to me.  It is also showing me I need to lose weight, but hey, who doesn’t?  If I don’t get to it when my hubs comes back on Friday, he will be a mean coach and help push me to get in shape.  I want a new swimsuit, and that aint going to happen in a month or two.

So enjoy your chapter, and I am going back to write so I can get all that done in the next month or so.  Thanks again ladies, I couldn’t have done any of it without you and your encouragement.  All of you, including the readers and betas!


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