It’s time for another installment of You’re!!

Many thanks to Sitalia25 for betaing the chapter.   I also have to give a nods to missron80 for her help with Pictures.   And Huge amount of Thanks to Meridian for doing all the magic she does.   Of course the WordPress whisperer can’t be forgotten . ::Music Begins:: Oops.  I guess I am done with that.  Thank you to the Fans!!!

Also thanks go to the fans!! BertieBotts aka Ashley, one of my awesome betas, did awesome on the Burning Diamond awards!!!  They don’t have the banners up but here is a breakdown of the awards we won (Taken from the Facebook Page Kittyinaz’s Group):


The awesome news?  Ashley Maul swept ALL her categories!!!  Yes our very own Ashley Beat everyone and won First place for the following categories:

Overall Favorite Author,  Overall Favorite Story,  Best Breakthrough Author,  Best dynamic,  Best Friendship, Best Romance,  Best Kiss,  Best Drama , Best Damon.

As for me on my own I got:  3rd in Overall Favorite Author,  2nd in Best Breakthrough Author.

For You’re All I Am Asking For:  2nd Best Romance,  1st Best Villain, 1st Best Plot Twist, 1st Best Love Scenes, 1st Best suspense, 1st Best Bella, 2nd Best Damon.

The Shortcut Home:  1st Best Supporting Character,  2nd Best Family Dynamic.

Huge thanks to everyone who voted!!!  And please join me in congratulating Ashley!!!

Thanks again to everyone who voted.  I most would like to thank ::music begins::.  Where the hell is that music coming from???  Ah well.  On to the rest of the post.

Meridian wrote a E/S story and posted it on her site.  Please click on the link (contained in the word Site cause I’m awesome like that) and read it.  Tell her I sent you.  As you tell her to write more.  Hey she is the reason you had ED and so many more stories.  So it’s her turn!

I am still working on You’re.  Once I finish, I will be either take a break, write some, or start on the next story to be edited.   Who knows.  My little brain is going crazy on the story I have open, that I took a break on to bring you some stuff to read.


On a VERY Happy Note, I wanted to say Welcome to our new Betas:   Kelly, better known as Kelpie’s Corner.  She has taken on the OUaT story, Best.   We also have another Kelly, who is going to be in charge of Tin Man.   I am still looking for some betas, feel free to contact Karen on our email, Kittysbetas@gmail.com.

Before that annoying music starts again, I’ll shut up and allow you guys to get to the chapter.  See ya later!!

Enjoy the chapter!


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