Hello all!  I am posting this here for Wendy since she is still under a ban I believe.  We have decided to run a new contest. As many of you have seen we added a new page to the site (if not what are you waiting for go look for it)? It is called Kittyinazs Media to go page (how original can I be?). This is where we are posting all of Wendy’s current stories in e-book formats. So we decided to run a contest to design book covers. That will then be voted on by everyone. When the winner is chosen we will update the media page and you will be able to download a mobile version of Wendy’s stories with the newly designed book covers. So the first story that we will be choosing is . . . Every Dark Night Turns Into Day. Ugh now the rules which I am warning we may add to as we go. We will accept designs until 1/26/2014 (opps had to delete that 2013).

1. You can submit as many entries as you like
2. Dimensions at least 1500 pixels horizontally and 2500 pixels vertically
3. Has to be representative of the book/story
4. File type .jpeg or .png

So all my little artistic friends go design till your little hearts are content. Even if you are not a techie as they call me…submit your ideas here as comments and we will see if someone can get with you to make the design for you.

4Padfoot (Robin)

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