Hi guys – Bertie Bott here with a new chapter of “A Twilighted Tea Shoppe” ready and waiting for you to read and review! Wendy’s been super awesome about working around my busy schedule lately, so when you leave your review, make sure you give her an extra thanks from me!

A few reiterations from recent posts – the book cover contest! If I was computer artsy creative, I’d be all about this, but alas, I just write. Best of luck to everyone and be sure to get yours in soon! The beta email (kittysbetas@gmail.com) is still available for you to report any story errors to – remember, only story issues go here, no reviews please. The food blog (yummy!) is still going strong with tons of new recipes, so don’t forget to visit and try some out. If you’ve tried recipes from the site, go ahead and leave a comment with some feedback – we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s something I don’t think has been mentioned yet… Wendy is nominated (again!) in several categories at the Burning Diamond Awards. Voting is already open and ends on Jan. 15th, so click here and show our favorite Wendy how much we love her… and yes, only because I know I’ll hear about it if I don’t mention it, I am also nominated. It’s only fitting considering Wendy is who inspired my story to begin with – so very thankful for her <3

That wraps it up from me! Remember to read and review, and we’ll see you later!