But that is because the Awesome WordPress Whisperer is busy and doing some awesome things!!!   What did she do now you ask???  And why is there the Amazon Pic??

It’s because she made a Amazon Partnership Page that highlights the sales, and my favorite link so far, the Kindle Accessories, (you need to click on the link just to look!!) We will work to keep it updated with anything new that they have passed on to me. She also made it a banner on the side for you to find easier. Which actually looks the picture above ::Taps finger on lips:: Who thinks of these things??

In case you are not aware, I pay for this site, any and all upgrades to make it work the way it is.  This comes out of my pocket, and I do not work, due to medical issues.  My hubby actually pays for all this.  So the Amazon link will not cost you a penny (And actually may give you sales prices through it, though the key word is MAY ) but it pays me for passing you guys from this page to the site.  All you need to do is use the link anytime you go to Amazon, and it will give me the credit.  My mom and I tested it today, when she bought ink, and yes, it showed up as a sale on my side, and cost her nothing she would normally pay for.

How does it work?  Simple.  Click on a banner, or on the link at the bottom of the page, and it takes you through to Amazon.  You sign in as normal, and shop.   End of story.  My mom has it bookmarked as her Amazon link and it works that way.  She plans to use it at work for their office purchases.

So support the site (and me!), shop Amazon through the link.  I would greatly appreciate it.  It will allow me to keep writing and not worrying about paying for stuff.

Here is the Page (or you can click the Amazon pic above too!).

Thanks for your support!


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